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Quick FAQ

Q. What files will I receive after my website theme purchase?
A. You'll get everything listed in the preview, images, sound, fonts, fla files, etc.
Q. What content can be edited?
A. It is possible to edit all content in the web theme. You just need to have basic knowledge about any suitable software.
Q. What time is needed to receive the website theme after payment?
A. Actually about 24h is needed. Less frequently is takes up to 72h. If your order doesn't contain additional problems, it usually takes not more than an hour or just a few minutes.
Q. Can you guarantee to give my money back?
A. No, we cannot guarantee this, as computer files cannot be returned in the same way as regular goods can. If at least one file is broken, we will provide you with new and fixed file.
Q. If I don't have designer skills, can I learn?
A. Of course, as we provide a lot of tutorials listed here

For beginners who have never bought or used a template before:

Q: What does it mean "website theme"?
A: Website template is a basis for building fully-featured site. It is a ready-made website design. User can easily change the whole content (text, images) using an appropriate software(s).

Q: What kinds of website themes do you offer?
A: Currently we suggest 4 main types of web themes: 1) Flash themes, 2) HTML themes, 3) HTML themes with Flash header, and 4) Flash intro themes. It is necessary to have Flash MX installed, so that you can edit Flash part in 1, 3, and 4 themes. For 2nd theme, you will have to install MS Frontpage or Macromedia Dreamweaver for editing. If you are going to edit graphical part of the themes, it's highly recommended to install Adobe Photoshop as well.

Q: What advantages of using a theme can be achieved?
A: With our themes we guarantee high quality and professionalism. Moreover, if you have designer's skill, you can save your time on working with our themes, as we tried to organize everything in easy and convenient way. We take care of your money, that's why we offer only themes of the best quality.

Q: What is the difference between our themes and themes offered by other companies?
A: Our main feature among other companies, who offer website themes, is to deliver the best value-for-money products to our clients. We have great variety of design styles for different tastes; the customization of our content is extremely easy. We take care of each customer and try to respond to each request.

Q: What files will I get after successful payment?
A: You will receive all files in .ZIP archive. It's necessary to unzip everything before starting the editing process. If Winzip tool is still not installed on your computer, please follow or . When all files are unzipped, you will see the folder with the source file and fonts inside (.fla). You will have to install those fonts on your system if you don't have them yet. When installation is completed, you can open your .fla file with Flash MX or Flash MX 2004. Trial version of Flash MX 2004 for 30 days can be downloaded here

Flash related:

Q: What files are called FLA?
A: The file with extension .fla is the source or editable version of the flash theme. Here you can customize your theme and create FLA files for web presentations. Also with FLA files you are able to export SWF files.

Q: What files are called SWF?
A: The file with .swf extension is a compiled flash file, viewable only. You will use it by means of web presentation. If you have the .fla file, you can export this .swf file with HTML in Flash MX. After placing the .swf files and .html files to the root directory of your server, you will see your website!

Q: Do I need deep knowledge in Flash to edit the theme?
A: The editing in Flash MX is not as easy as MS Frontpage, but it is still unobtrusive with advantages of Flash. You can search for all text in Flash theme without efforts with Find and Replace function of Flash MX 2004. Here is an example: Find_FlashMX2004.jpg

Q: What kind of modifications is it possible to do with themes?
A: You are able to add content, integrate your logo(s), add/delete images, add/delete sections, add/delete sound effects if you are quite familiar with Flash MX. Adding a section is not as easy as other operations with content, it may take much more time. However, our professionals can customize it for you.

Q: It seems I cannot open all downloaded themes?
A: That can be caused by using an old version of Flash MX.

Q: Why can I get "unexpected file format" when I try to open a theme?
A: The reason of such behavior is that you do it without Flash MX.

Q: Where can I download Flash MX if I don't have it yet?
A: You can visit Macromedia for further information.

Q: Can Flash themes be edited by other software like MS FrontPage instead of Flash MX?
A: It's impossible.

Q: Does Flash MX Professional version work with your themes?
A: Actually, the "Pro" version should work with our themes as it doesn't differ very much from simple Flash MX, but a lot of our customers complain about inability to open and edit files with the "Pro" version.

Template Specific:

Q: Do you have tutorials for your themes?
A: Yes, some our themes really have tutorials while the rest don't have. However, you can find a lot of information about web design and themes with tutorials in Web Design Help

Q: I have some problems with your "Display" Flash theme, do you have any tutorial?
A: Yes. You can find it here: display_tutorial.swf

Q: Which of your theme(s) is compatible with Flash 5?
A: The following themes can be edited using Flash 5: "Casual", "Athletic", "Professional" and "Cheerful".


Q: How can I create an .exe file from my Flash Theme?
A: Please follow these steps:
1. File/Publish Settings
2. Uncheck all checkboxes except "exe"
3. Click on "publish"

Q: How can I make Flash presentation auto-start from CD when it is inserted into a CD driver?
A: Please proceed to:

Q: My question was not included here. Where can I get the answer?
A: More information can be found at partner website help page. Also you can contact out support team via website page or email